Monday, March 27, 2017

Tanner's Business Idea

Today, Tanner proved to me that he truly is his father's son. While we were driving in the car, Tanner said to me very thoughtfully, "Mommy, we should get a trailer." I asked him why, and this was his response: "So that if someone's car runs out of gas, we could put it on our trailer and bring it to the gas station. And they would have to give us money for it!" Already thinking of business ideas at age 5? He must be Josh Oaks's son.

Tubby Time!

Brookie and Trav Pictures

 These are Brookie's "Anna braids." (Anna has 2 braided pig tails.) This is her favorite hairdo now.

Travis is entranced by parking lots. And every day he likes to line up all of his cars at home just like cars are lined up in parking lots.

Snow Day

We had a pretty good storm a couple weeks ago, which meant a snow day for Tanner (no school)! The kids, as always, had so much fun out there in the snow.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dessert Picnic

Brooklynn wanted a dessert picnic one evening after dinner, so she laid out the blankets. Tanner chose ice cream, Brooklynn chose Reese's peanut butter cups & marshmallows, and Travis got marshmallows. It was super cute.